09.03.18 - 05.05.18
Opening Friday 09.03.18 - 6:00pm

21, Avenue du Maine / fond de cour
75015 Paris - +33 (0) 1 42 22 05 68


Artist : Yann Toma.
Abstract : For the first time, Yann Toma exposes a large number of documents, objects and traces from the first period of his approach that began in the 90s. In 1991, Yann Toma occupied an EDF substation in Puteaux and discovered the old Ouest-Lumière electricity powerplant that produced hundreds of thousands of volts and provided public distribution of electricity to municipalities in west of Paris til 1903 to 1946. The old building of Ouest-Lumière's factory has beengradually demolished. Yann Toma was the witness of this long destruction. He saved his archives, some objects: bulbs, counters or administrative records of workers, in the perspective of "staging a new reality of the object became waste".Inspired by Michel Journiac, he officially bought the name and the brand at the INPI, thus founding his own artist-company, and reactivated the place, the archives and the former electricity company Ouest-Lumière by reassigning it to a new function, that of producing and distributing Artistic Energy (AE).