Inspired by UN Climate Summit, French artist sketched 100 portraits of leaders calling for climate action


French contemporary artist Yann Toma was one of the few artists that attended the United Nations Climate Summit last year as an “observer.” Throughout the day, he listened to many of the speeches given by world leaders, celebrities and members of civil society, all expressing their concern for the impact that climate change is having on people’s lives.


As they spoke, Mr. Toma sketched the speakers on the spot. The result are 100 hand-drawn portraits, which showcase statements made by Heads of State, UN officials, and indigenous leaders.

“I was so impressed by all these people coming together and calling for action, and while I was listening I drew these sketches. It was very inspiring,” Mr. Toma said.


He added that his intention was to put these strong statements from different figures side by side, so people could see the various positions on this topic, and to raise the voice of those affected by this phenomenon.


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